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Welcome Voiceover

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The Professional Audio Playback App For Your Show

Soundboard Studio is a fast and versatile cartwall app for iOS. Perfect for for pads, music beds, voiceovers, sound effects, soundbites and much more.

Advanced Track Settings

Apply specific and advanced properties to truly customise the both the playback and appearance of each of your tracks.

Allows you to trim the start and end of your track with the help of a waveform diagram.

Sets the track to enlessly repeat until stopped.

Will stop all other tracks from playing when this track is played.

Customisable actions based on the playback state of this track.

Why Use Soundboard Studio?

Soundboard Studio is the only fully featured soundboard solution for iOS, with all of the reliable pro tools you need for a great performance.

Unlimited Boards

Create multiple, unlimited boards for all of your sounds.

Background Playback

Tracks will continue to play even if the Soundboard Studio app is closed.

Drag & Drop Rearrange

Easily arrange your boards and tracks in any order with easy drag & drop.

Play Tracks Simultaneously

Play any number of your tracks concurrently.

Bulk Import Tracks

Bulk import tracks from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive and more.

Trim Tracks

Trim in 'in' and 'out' times of yoru tracks with a precise waveform.

Track & Board Colours

Set a colour scheme for each track and board for better glancability.

Multitasking support

Full iPad split-screen multitasking support.

Track Automations

Trigger actions based on a track's playback state.

Playback in Silent Mode

Tracks will continue to play even if your device has silent/mute mode enabled.

Fade In and Fade Out

Set tracks to fade in and/or out when they begin and end playing.

Scrub Currently Playing Tracks

Easily monitor and scrub any currently playing track with a collapsible view of all tracks playing on the active board.

Loop Tracks

Set tracks to loop continuously until they're stopped.

Unlimited Tracks

Have an unlimited number of tracks in any board. Lite version limit: 24 tracks in total.

Default Track Settings

Select default settings to be applied to all newly imported tracks.

Global Playback Controls

Easily accessible pause, stop and fade out buttons to quickly control all currently playing tracks on all boards.

Visual Audio Levels

All track tiles will glow and dim to reflect their current audio level while playing to easily identify which tracks is making which sound.

Per-track Volume Control

Set and change individual volume levels for each track.

Solo Tracks

Set tracks to stop all other tracks from playing.

Let Powerful Automations Do The Hard Work For You.

Sit back and let Soundboard Studio automatically perform actions automatically with Automations on your tracks.

Automatically play, stop or change the volume of other tracks triggered by whether a track starts playing, stops playing, or reaches its end.

When Voiceover 1starts playingChange the volume of trackWelcome Musicto 30%
When Background Music Track 7reaches its endPlay trackBackground Music Track 8
When Ambient Pad 2is stoppedStop trackAmbient Background Drums

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